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CV-19 Return to Play 4 of 8

4. Advice for Coaches - Level D

The return to some sort of normality continues which is great news!

We have had confirmation that the RFU have moved from Level C to Level D on their rugby road map (please see attached).

I have also attached a really good document that explains as coaches / managers what we can / cannot do within training sessions at level D for those who look to return to contact rugby.

Brief summary of the main points are as follows:

Coaches and session organisers should apply the following key mitigations to reduce exposure risk amongst players.

  • No scrum, maul, opposed lineout or upright tackle training activities are permitted.
  • A maximum 15 minute total duration of any of the adapted contact activities within a single training session.
  • Restrict team play activities to the approved Touch and Ready4Rugby formats, with a maximum of 20 players per half pitch.
  • Players placed in groups of a maximum of 6 for adapted contact and non-contact skill development activities. Groups should be selected appropriately based on a player’s age, size and competence.
  • During a session (contact activities and Touch/Ready4Rugby activities combined) players should avoid face to face exposure of more than 3 seconds and more than 15 minutes of exposure at less than 1 metre with another player.
  • Coaches and players should remain social distanced during breaks.
  • Coaches should remain socially distanced when giving players instruction, observing and giving feedback.
  • Ensure all players clean and sanitise after the contact skills training.
  • Team huddles should be avoided. Spitting and chewing gum should also be avoided.
  • Ensure there is appropriate first aid cover for a contact session.

In simple terms we can start to introduce small skills sessions involving lower body contact (only) that last a maximum of 15 minutes with a maximum of 6 players. Perfect for a break out group to rotate through while the rest of the players play some t and p conditioned games!

Please do make sure you are familiar with the detail in the document and obviously if there any queries please shout.

As a club we have made the decision to introduce level D training from Tuesday 8th September 2020. This gives all players, parents, coaches, managers and other volunteers to be sent the latest information, read it and understand their responsibilities. Be grateful if you could cascade this latest information out within your group.

For those training midweek this week and also on Sunday 6th please continue with level C non contact training as outlined in earlier documents / emails.

Please work with us through these unprecedented times – appreciate there is a lot of information coming out with the changing landscape and we will endeavour to update you as soon as we can and make things as clear as possible. Fingers crossed we can continue to move forward in the right direction.

Kind regards,



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