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SECTION A - PRIOR TO ACTIVITY (all volunteers, coaches, players and parents)

  • If you are subject to Test & Trace self-isolation requirements please stay away.
  • If you (or a member of your household) have any of the publicised symptoms of Covid-19 please stay away.
  • All players / parents must confirm attendance PRIOR to training /playing on the Pitchero App so that we can comply with Track and Trace directives.
  • To learn how to set availability visit: Setting Availability
  • Coaches or managers can then confirm electronically who has attended sessions for our records.
  • Upon arrival please park sensibly and carefully, respecting others – maintain social distancing with others at all times.
  • DO NOT congregate in the car park or outside the clubhouse, players should head straight to their training location.
  • You will be unable to train/play if you just turn up without letting your coach or manager know beforehand.
  • All players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser to be used at regular intervals during their session and particularly before they start and at the end.
  • All players need to bring clearly named water bottles – absolutely no sharing! Please ensure all are taken away at the end of the session!
  • Players should avoid car sharing or travelling with other parents to attend training.
  • Where possible only one parent/carer should accompany each child. Please keep at a minimum 10m from any players or training bubbles and also respect social distancing from each other.
  • Changing rooms and showers are not available at present.
  • Limited toilet access is available at the clubhouse and in changing rooms 4 (ladies) and 6 (gents).
  • Please respect social distancing at all times especially in busy areas such as outside the clubhouse and the car park.
  • All players and any spectators should arrive 5 minutes before session start time and disperse as soon as possible afterwards to allow space for the next session arrivals.

SECTION B – DURING ACTIVITY (players and coaches)

  • Ensure people are setting availability before attendance and show attendance, all on the Pitchero App. Please ask those who have not done so to leave and remind them for the next session.
  • Coaches and managers to arrive no earlier than 15 mins before training and leave as soon as possible afterwards to create space for others following on.
  • All training groups must stick to their allocated timings and locations and respect other groups and individuals using the facilities.
  • All players and coaches must move straight to their training location directly from the car park and not to congregate around the clubhouse area.
  • Coaches should remain socially distanced during breaks and when giving players instruction, observing or giving feedback.
  • Team huddles, splitting and chewing gum should be avoided.
  • Ensure there is appropriate first aid cover for any contact session.
  • The club have provided masks, gloves, eye protection and disposable aprons for when first aiders have to be within two metres of a casualty. This complies with all infection prevention and control measures.
  • First aiders cannot transport an injured player to minor injuries or A&E. A parent/carer must stay on site for the duration of any training session in case a child is injured.
  • No scrum, maul or upright tackle training activities are permitted. Minimise face to face contact.
  • There is a maximum 20 minute total duration of contact activities within a single training session.
  • During any session (contact activities and non-contact activities combined) players should avoid face to face exposure of more than 3 seconds.
  • Ensure all players sanitise their hands every 15 minutes and also after any contact skills training. Please encourage all players to bring their own labelled hand sanitiser however each training group has also been allocated sanitiser.
  • Any equipment such as tackle pads, shields, bags should be cleaned and sanitised after each individual players use.
  • All other equipment including tags and rugby balls should be cleaned and sanitised after a maximum of 15 minutes activity. (Or swapped for sanitised ones and all cleaned at the end of the session).
  • The holding of tackle shields, pads or bags must not be carried out by a coach or adult for any age grade player.
  • Players should refrain from touching or removing their mouth guard, and if they do so must wash their hands. Mouth guards must not be left on shared surfaces and should be placed in a personal container and stored with personal possessions.
  • Any protective clothing such as head guards and shoulder pads must comply with World Rugby guidance. Head guards and shoulder pads must not be shared during sessions.
  • There is no maximum number of coaches allowed, however, numbers should be kept to the minimum required to effectively manage the session and maintain adequate player : coach ratios.

SECTION C – POST ACTIVITY (coaches, managers and volunteers)

  • Any balls used in a training session or match must be cleaned afterwards – disinfectant and water is available next to the kit shed.
  • Any cones, tackle bags, shield or any other equipment must be cleaned adequately after use and before they are returned to the kit store. A diluted bleach / disinfectant spray and wipe over is recommended.
  • If bibs or headbands are used during activity they should not be shared between players and should be collected in and washed before the next use.
  • No kit should be shared between different training groups unless they have been cleaned properly.