1st XV
Sat 23 Apr 2022  ·  Yorkshire One
Selby RUFC
1st XV
Pontefract RUFC 64 - 0 Selby RUFC

Pontefract RUFC 64 - 0 Selby RUFC

Stephen Ward27 Apr 2022 - 20:04
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Selby suffer an embarrassing drubbing at the hands of Pontefract.

Pontefract RUFC 64 – 0 Selby RUFC

Report by Ian Marlow

Selby completed what has been a generally good and successful season by saving their worst for last with a comprehensive and embarrassing drubbing at the hands of local rivals Pontefract on Saturday.

With the match a dead rubber in terms of league positions and the Swans fielding one of their more makeshift teams, particularly in the backs, it is possible to make excuses – but none will wash, as there was still enough appearance in the bank from the majority of players to have made this a much closer affair than that which played out in front of a large, and short-changed, Pontefract crowd.

The lack of intent was immediately apparent as Pontefract’s innocuous kick-off was left by Selby for someone else to deal with – but unfortunately S. Else was not selected this week so couldn’t deal with it, and Pontefract snaffled the ball and strolled through some mediocre Swans’ defence (where A. N. Other wasn’t playing either, so couldn’t make the tackles) for the easiest of scores. A brief period of parity followed before Pontefract strung together a few phases to open Selby up like a tin of sardines for another try. With Pontefract stronger, faster, more committed, more organised, and just better, it was a humbling experience both on the pitch and in the stand for the Selby support – although it was somewhat difficult to gauge just how good Pontefract were as Selby never gave them a proper game. With Selby rudderless and in complete disarray, a procession of Pontefract scores took the half-time score to 38-0 – and, with Selby so poor, it was a surprise they didn’t concede again during the break!

The second-have saw ex-colt and University returnee Ben Lodge make his first team debut (not exactly the ideal circumstances - unless you like tackling!) and the youngster played very well indeed as he took it upon himself to show his teammates how to do it as he put his meaty physique to good use with some muscular rumbles through the Pontefract forwards to set up a few good attacking positions. Alas though, apart from some real effort from Joe Ramsey at scrum-half, and big Bruce Potter re-enacting his fifth-team winger days, he was on his own and Selby remained nilled as Pontefract ran up 64 points of their own.

So, let’s forget about this game and think about the full season where, in finishing a very creditable fifth, it looks (still dependent on the powers that be) that Selby have played well enough to get themselves promoted – which in itself is of great credit to all of the club’s players, coaches, backroom staff, and supporters. And for large parts of the season Selby have played some really cracking stuff, always trying to play in an expansive and entertaining 15-man way. There has however been some lack of consistency and of control, particularly when being put under pressure – so if Selby are to take their place in the higher league next season (and even if they stay where they are) this is an area that will need to be worked on.

On the whole though, well done the Swans – and see you all again in September!

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Sat 23 Apr 2022




Yorkshire One

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