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1. Schools Liaison

Selby RUFC have a close relationship with all the schools in its RFU catchment area. The club has a dedicated team of volunteers that offer coaching in schools free of charge. Selby RUFC are committed to children of all ages in the active sport of rugby union.

Rugby Union is not just a sport that involves running with a ball. Rugby at Selby RUFC is a sport that offers "life skills", skills that stay with players for years to come. Based around the five core values of Rugby Union. Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

Selby Rugby Union Football Club has a proud heritage, producing players of all abilities and even international standard in Ray Adamson (England) and Paul David (Great Britain and Denmark). In the youth section the club has natured several County and North of England players in the last few years. Our coaches are all qualified and up to date with the latest coaching techniques with our connections to Leeds Carniegie as well as gaining further experience by being on the coaching staff of County Board Schools and Full County sides.

Our family orientated club would welcome any new players, boys or girls and start there journey to life long friendship and enjoyment.