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1. Introduction

Why is this important and why does it require your action in the next couple of weeks?

This ensures the RFU hold up to date contact details, medical information and permissions for every child. Unless a player is registered to the club, their RFU registration is 'inactive' and they will not be registered to play for any matches. Parents/guardians are responsible for checking their data and registering their child(ren).

  1. Players who played for Selby RUFC last year and have a GMS account, just need to re-register their child.
  2. Parents new to Selby RUFC, will need to create an account and add their child(ren).

  • Player registration via GMS is a requirement from the RFU for all players to register to enable them to play in matches.
  • Selby RUFC Membership via Pitchero is the Club’s membership/subscription database and where we manage our teams, members and take annual subscriptions (
  • Both need to be completed separately