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2. Member Information

Selby Rugby Union Football Club (SRUFC) Membership Information for Season 2023/2024

Subscriptions are now live on Pitchero by following this link : Subscriptions

SRUFC is a Members’ Club for the use of its members, therefore, we actively encourage all who attend the Club on a regular basis to respect this status and subscribe to any one of our membership plans, to help support our Community Amateur Sports Club.

Detailed below are the membership plans for Club Membership.

If you are new to Selby RUFC please click on Join to register your details and then visit Shop for payments.

Membership Fees from 1st September 2023 are shown in the Subscription Prices menu:

Application for Membership

By applying to become a member of Selby Rugby Union Football Club you agree to abide by the terms of the Club Constitution as well as the regulations, core values and ethos of the Rugby Football Union (RFU). You also acknowledge that your personal details will be held electronically and used solely for the purposes of the management of Selby Rugby Union Football Club.

The membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August inclusive.

Any existing member not commencing payment by the 30th September, or within 30 days of joining SRUFC, shall be deemed a non-member.

Any Member that pays by instalments and subsequently cancels that direct debit will be deemed to have resigned from the Club.

All memberships will be payable by direct debit through the Club’s website. Membership payments (in full) can be accepted at the bar if unable to do so through the website.

Note that the monthly direct debit payment scheme facilitates the spreading of the cost of annual membership and therefore needs to be paid for the full monthly terms, even though the rugby season, and therefore the provision of rugby, is limited to the months of September to April inclusive. If any member who is paying their fee via this monthly arrangement subsequently cancels their direct debit before full annual payment is made, they will be required to make good the shortfall prior to consideration of any subsequent membership application.

For further information relating to the Club's Constitution please refer to the Member's Handbook.

Financial Hardship

Here at the Club we are always aware of the impact of the financial climate on our members. We would never want to turn people away from the Club because the cost of membership is out of reach. If you think you may struggle to meet the cost of membership for you and your family, please get in touch and they will be able to discuss alternative options with you in complete confidence.

Senior Players / Social Members
Family Memberships

Why should you be a member of SRUFC?

Selby Rugby Club, as its name signifies, is a membership-based organisation. It is a local amateur sports club that exists primarily to provide facilities for the sport of rugby. The provision of these facilities cost money. Membership fees exist for all participants to pay towards the costs of providing rugby at Selby Rugby Club. Members need to club together to reimburse the expenses of their collective rugby and social activities, whether playing, volunteering or spectating!

As the Club also aspires to develop and grow their participants and facilities, this creates an additional need for financial profits over and above its operating costs. The social facilities exist to provide an environment to encourage and facilitate interaction and collaboration between participants to promote and enhance rugby. They also exist to provide the Club with an additional revenue source, since the membership fees do not cover all the costs of providing and developing the sport. Other revenue streams include sponsorship, grants, donations, bar purchases and the hiring of our facilities for non-rugby related activities; all of which are required, together with the Membership income, to pay our operating costs and to provide profits to invest in the Club’s future development.

All participants are required to pay to support their activities associated with the Club.

Membership gives you an opportunity to invest in our Club personally; to enjoy being part of the organisation and the value it gives; to experience an increased sense of belonging and comradeship through the sport we love, in your local Club and community.

Subscriptions are now live on Pitchero by following this link : Subscriptions

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the board members or email and thank you again for your continued support

Everyone involved in rugby in England whether as a player, coach, referee, administrator, parent or spectator is expected to uphold the Core Values of our sport:

Teamwork – Respect – Enjoyment – Discipline – Sportsmanship
Play to win but not at all cost
Win with dignity, lose with grace
Observe the Laws and regulations of the game
Respect opponents, referees and all participants
Reject cheating, racism, violence and drugs
Value volunteers and paid officials alike
Enjoy the game